The Journey of Finding Your Cool.

Professional Journey – Through twelve years of professional soccer, Joanna’s journey has taken her all over the world. The pursuit of her passion brought her home to the Washington Spirit in 2014 – a move that led to a career resurgence. Find out how the next move you make on your professional journey can lead to new opportunity.

Personal Journey – Her personal journey is ongoing – yours is too. Joanna learns more about herself with each day that passes. The enlightenment she found through her personal journey has enabled her to reach her goals and accomplish more than she could have imagined – you can find your enlightenment too.

Aspirational Journey – The platform of a professional athlete has empowered Joanna to utilize her visibility for the betterment of causes she holds close to her heart. It wasn’t always clear, but her desire for positive impact illuminated itself along the way. You can experience the same – or greater – growth on your own aspirational journey.


One of the most rewarding experiences of Joanna’s life has been her homecoming. Playing for the Washington Spirit not only means being closer to home – it means being supported by one of the best fan bases in the country. Each time she sets foot on the Maryland SoccerPlex, she knows she has a unique home-field advantage.

“Everyone is different. Everyone has a body, mind, and soul that make them infinitely unique. This uniqueness is invaluable because there is no singular version of attractiveness, intelligence, or athleticism. Beauty comes in many shapes and forms. It isn’t how pretty we are — it’s how we are pretty.

Finding your cool is knowing your unique fingerprint and knowing it is beautiful – now and always. It is understanding that no one self, path, or timetable is perfect for all. We are all works of progress, and will be forever. Finding your cool means knowing who you are in the deepest of your core: being absolutely comfortable, and unapologetically proud.

Finding your cool is meeting yourself. Being yourself. Encouraging yourself.


It’s never too late — or too early — to find your cool and make an impact.”