Brand ambassador

Represents brand through product and lifestyle choices, models products for new styles and brand exposure, writes as a guest blogger. Joanna helps TomboyX send the message that we are free to be unabashedly ourselves regardless of what that looks like to others. She’s a self-proclaimed Tomboy and wears it proudly.

United States Department of State
Sports Diplomacy Consultant

Joanna is a member of the Sport Diplomacy and Sport Envoy program run by the State Department. She travels internationally as a representative of the United States to promote the various ways sport can break down barriers. She also is a speaker at the Foreign Service Institute where she guides Cultural Affair Officers on the best practices and benefits of Sports Diplomacy. Her knowledge and experience are utilized in brainstorming, creating, and executing influential diplomatic programs around the world.

Water Joe
Athlete in #TeamJoe

Joanna is one of a handful of athletes that make up #TeamJoe which promotes the benefits of caffeinated water. Joanna uses her unique brand and athletic talents to help promote the brand nationally.

Athlete Ally
Professional Ally

Athlete Ally Pro and Olympic Ambassadors help promote Athlete Ally’s mission to end homophobia and transphobia in sports by speaking out to their peers in sports and their fan bases. Through Joanna’s out and proud lifestyle, she exemplifies the organizations goal to have an all-inclusive sporting environment where we all can feel comfortable as our true selves.

Proctor and Gamble
Professional Speaker

Joanna spoke for P&G on a panel during diversity training week, educating employees on the importance of inclusion and authenticity. Her compelling story emphasized the magnitude of acceptance on the productivity of a happy individual.

World Muse
Professional Speaker

Joanna is a leading advocate for World Muse which inspires women to create positive social change from within. She has shared her own experiences to help other women find strength and acceptance in their daily life.