Resisterhood Movie

RESISTERHOOD is an award-winning documentary about this turbulent time in American politics and the people who rose to meet it.This powerful documentary captures the stories of everyday Americans who became grassroots activists working tirelessly to defend our democracy and stop the erosion of our civil rights. RESISTERHOOD showcases the wave that brought us the most ethnically, racially and gender diverse Congress in history. It shares stories of hope that will re-energize the movement and inspire even more people to join the fight to secure a bright future for our county.

Watch Joanna in Resisterhood!

Define Your Beauty Promo

Define Your Beauty will inspire you to find comfort and joy in your own skin by expanding your view of beauty. You’ll discover, define and ultimately love the qualities that make you unique, allowing you to bring that love to others and contribute to our global community in a way that only YOU can.

Get ready because this course will take you on a journey into your heart and soul to find what makes you come alive. Through real life stories of vulnerability and adversity, you will create a brave space for deep personal reflection that enables you to uncover unique aspects of your identity, and love what those aspects contribute to the world. You will learn to harness the power of your uniqueness and gain confidence to share your beauty with the world. Growing into your beauty, you will understand how to bring it out of others, in turn, creating a community of belonging where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential and define their own beauty.

Lifetime Player Spotlight

Original posted on on June 25, 2018

In the Week 13 Lifetime Player Spotlight, Washington Spirit midfielder Joanna Lohman talks about her lifelong commitment to advocacy and her passion for soccer. (NWSL on Lifetime)

Joanna Lohman, Midfielder for the Washington Spirit!

Compilation video reel originally posted by Abuelaboricua on June 2, 2018

"You're never alone!"

When Washington Spirit midfielder Joanna Lohman tore the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee, it didn’t just end her 2017 season. It also “shattered” her identity. But through hard work with her physical therapists, Lohman returned to the sport she loves.

Indonesia 2018

Highlights from Joanna's trip to Indonesia in 2018.

Joanna Lohman co-hosts Sports Talk with Erin Hawksworth on News Channel 8

Washington Spirit midfielder Joanna Lohman featured on Sports Talk with Erin Hawksworth on News Channel 8 in Washington, D.C. (Video courtesy of WJLA / News Channel 8)

Inside Joanna Lohman's Trip to the Ivory Coast

Earlier this offseason, Washington Spirit midfielder Joanna Lohman traveled to three cities in the Ivory Coast as part of the U.S. State Department and U.S. Soccer Sport Envoy Program. During the trip, Lohman participated in soccer festivals that promote peace, tolerance for diversity and fair play.

Botswana - Girl Power

Botswana "Girl Power" - November 2016

They Bruise Episode One: Joanna Lohman

Joanna Lohman of the Washington Spirit is one of the few openly gay players in the National Women's Soccer League. Lohman challenges gender expectations on soccer fields all across the United States, inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Music by Norman Ritter "Alpha Boy"

Camera Gus Soudah

Directed and edited by Marcos Meconi