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An exclusive 6-month group coaching program for high-reaching female athletes

Next Program: Winter of 2024 
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Calling All...
Female athletes who want that extra edge
Elite ballers who want to take their game to the next level
Players who desire more consistency and confidence on and off the field
Young leaders who want to dominate
The truth is, we are all built for greatness but not everyone is willing to reach for it. Are you? 
Making it to the top of your game is not easy. In fact, it is really hard and takes an incredible amount of fortitude and discipline. As a member of the USWNT and the first player in Washington Spirit history to have her jersey retired, I worked tirelessly to reach the peak of my sport.
What have I learned along the way? I learned, undeniably, that what separates the good from the great is not a matter of physical fitness or even talent. It is a matter of mental fitness. Do you have the mindset to view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than insurmountable obstacles? Do you have the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, losses, and failures, which are inevitable in sports and life? Do you have the mental toughness to stay focused, composed, and perform at your best, especially during high-pressure situations?
Your Mindset is the Edge
The good news: Your mindset is something we can train.
The better news: The Champion’s Mindset is here to do just that.
The Champion’s Mindset is a transformative experience designed specifically for teenage athletes seeking to unlock their full potential both on and off the field. This program goes beyond the physical aspect of sports, harnessing our mind to optimize performance and build self-awareness.
The competition won’t know what hit it.
Join us to transform your game and future!
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Program Core Benefits

Peak Performance
Learn how to harness the power of your mind to excel
Resilience & Mental Toughness
Develop techniques to overcome challenges, setbacks, and pressure
Self-Belief and Confidence
Enhance performance through a positive self-image and mental well-being
Goal Setting & Achievement
Master the art of setting and achieving both short-term and long-term goals
Leadership & Team Dynamics
Understand the dynamics of teamwork, leadership, and effective communication
Life Skills
Gain valuable life skills that extend beyond the realm of sports, helping in academics, personal life, and future careers

Does This Speak to You?

  • You’re looking for a competitive edge beyond what other elite athletes are doing 
  • You feel stagnant in your progression and need to unlock the next level of your development
  • You practice well but it does not translate to the game
  • The pressure of game day negatively affects your performance
  • You want to be a better team captain and/or leader
If this speaks to you and you are female athlete between the ages of 12 to 16, then this program is perfect for you!
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The Details

  • Program Size: Maximum of 15 athletes by application only
  • For Who: Female athletes between the ages of 12-16
  • Duration: 6-month program
  • Location: Live virtual sessions are accessible from anywhere, and the Practice and Pregame sessions will be recorded and distributed so players can refer to them on their own time and re-watch.
  • Includes: 3 x LIVE group sessions per month
    • Session I: Practice (60 minutes) - Joanna teaches a specific aspect of the Champion's Mindset
    • Session II: Pre-game (60 minutes) - Hybrid of teaching and real-life scenario implementation
    • Session III: Gameday (45 minutes) - Athletes lead session with space for Q&A with Joanna
  • When: Sessions will take place on Fridays and/or Sundays between 6:00 - 7:00 pm ET
  • Cost: $2,799
  • Exclusive ability to purchase up to five 1:1 coaching sessions between group work - $60/session

How to Apply

There are limited spots available. So, it is important to apply early!
Complete this application to help us determine if the Champion's Mindset is a good fit - Joanna will review and follow-up with you.
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Contact us at jo@joannalohman.com to secure your spot in the upcoming cohort or for further details.
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Why Joanna:

Joanna Lohman is a USSF B Licensed Coach who specializes in the mental, physical, and emotional development of youth athletes. She is a former professional soccer player, member of the United States Women’s National Team, and the first player in Washington Spirit history to have her jersey retired. During her 16-year professional career, she played for 7 different teams and 5 different countries, taking her to Sweden, Spain, Cyprus and Japan where she trained with the world's top players. She finished her stellar career coming home to play for the Washington Spirit from 2015-2019, including an appearance in the NWSL Championship game. 

Joanna grew up in Silver Spring, MD and went on to attend Pennsylvania State University on a full athletic scholarship. She was a two-time captain of the team and became one of the most decorated players in Penn State history:  

  • First Team NSCAA Academic All-American (2001–2003)
  • Two-time Herman Trophy and Honda Sports Award Finalist (2002–2003)
  • First Team All-Big Ten (2000–2003)
  • Big Ten Player of the Year (2003)
  • Three-time NSCAA All-American selection and CoSIDA Academic All-American (2001–2003)
  • 2000 Big Ten Freshman of the Year
  • Graduated with a 3.98 GPA

She has been inducted into the Springbrook High School and Montgomery County Sports Hall of Fame.

She is the author of "Raising Tomorrow's Champions", an extraordinary parenting and life lessons book as told through the eyes of the greatest women's soccer players of all-time. Joanna is also a human rights activist and a Sport Diplomat traveling the world running programs in less developed nations. As a performance coach and professional speaker, she has shared her message with organizations all over the world, including: The Minnesota Vikings, The Human Rights Campaign, Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Qualcomm, Lifetime Television, American Staffing Association, and schools and universities all over the country.

In 2022, Joanna was the leadership and performance coach for the George Mason Women’s Soccer Team. Each week, Joanna would take the players through impactful mindset sessions that challenged them to develop their self-awareness, self-talk, self-image, habits and behaviors, and self-regulation. 

"Joanna was instrumental throughout our season helping the players navigate the demands of academics and athletics. She has the unique ability to not only connect with each athlete so they feel supported but also challenge them to shift their mindset to lift performance. With Joanna, the team learned essential tools and techniques to build resiliency and consistency.”  - Manya Makowski, Former Head Coach, George Mason University (GMU)

Because of her success at GMU, Howard University and The Bullis School (amongst others) also hired Joanna to work with its players and students, giving Joanna broad influence and experience working with athletes at the high school and college level. 

Joanna also coaches and guides youth athletes through personal on-field sessions and her annual sold out summer camp. In addtion to skills training and ball mastery, Joanna incorporates mindset work which is essential to excellence.

"Your talk about the champion’s mindset resonated with my daughter, Kira. I think it was huge to hear this from someone other than her parents! I am very grateful for the emotional work and life skills you teach along with having fun learning soccer. It's huge and I wish more people did this work.” - Christina Giallourakis
"Joanna Lohman is a dynamo in the realm of mindset and performance coaching. Her expertise in mental performance, coupled with exceptional skills in team leadership, communication, coaching, and motivational speaking, has equipped teams with the tools and systems to think and act like high performers.”
Bryan Wilson
Director of Learning and Performance for Eversana

The Value You Receive:

  • Exclusive coaching from a former USWNT member
  • Access to the most elite insights on the game from former professional player:
    • Concentration and focus required to secure a college scholarship
    • Resilience and mental toughness needed to make it to the highest level
    • Confidence embodied to strive for greatness
    • Communication called-on to lead during challenge
    • Adaptibility necessary to excel in different roles within the team and tactical formation
    • Preparation and routine to improve on-field performance
  • Connection to a robust and complementary team of fellow female athletes with shared experiences that is hand picked by Joanna to provide maximum value to each individual - provides a level of intentionality that amplifies impact.
  • Personal guidance through tough competitive environments through intimate group sessions and access to 1:1 attention.
  • Entrance into a first-class learning experience:
    • Live interaction in real time
    • On demand recorded sessions provided to each player.
    • Evergreen mindset topics referrable at any time providing evergreen learning
    • 1:1 sessions - Mentorship and sounding board for their journey

How to Apply

There are limited spots available. So, it is important to apply early!
Complete this application to help us determine if the Champion's Mindset is a good fit - Joanna will review and follow-up with you.
Apply Online
Contact Us
Contact us at lohman.joanna@gmail.com to secure your spot in the upcoming cohort or for further details.
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