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JoLo Soccer is a training and development academy dedicated to raising tomorrow's champions both on and off the field. Focusing on confidence, leadership, and mastery, Joanna encourages her players to embrace their individuality and value their self-worth. 
Using the game of soccer as a vehicle for personal growth, Joanna uses her decades worth of soccer expertise and leadership training to transform lives. Connecting to both the player and the parent, Joanna is able to help guide the family through the ups and downs of the youth game.
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Physical Training

Joanna offers a unique combination of training both on and off the field. The overarching goal is to build strong players and stronger leaders. Players with the confidence to be themselves will have the greatest impact on the field, within their teams, and in life outside of the game.


No matter your age or skill, there is a way to reach your goal of increasing your understanding of the game and of yourself. Joanna emphasizes the quest of mastery and finding fulfillment in that pursuit so the benefits of training continue long after the ball stops rolling.


Team training focuses on confidence, chemistry, and coolness. Better understanding of your teammates and yourself leads to better performance on the pitch. On-field training is tailored to your team’s needs, but yields the same principal result: a more cohesive unit.


Anywhere from 2 to 10 players can come together to develop fundamental skills, advanced techniques, or explosive performance. Our overarching goal is developing personal expression within a competitive group setting.
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