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About The Soccer Studio

The Soccer Studio is where the authentic athlete is built. With a focus on physical and mental performance training, the Soccer Studio is dedicated to raising tomorrow's champions both on and off the field. With the combination of ball mastery and mental strength, The Soccer Studio helps it’s players embrace the challenges that sport and life throw our way.
Using the game of soccer as a vehicle for personal growth, Joanna uses her decades worth of soccer expertise and adversity training to transform lives. Connecting to both the player and the parent, Joanna is able to help guide the family through the ups and downs of the youth game.

"A championship is won when we are brave enough to be our authentic selves in a world of pressure."


Physical Performance Training

Ball mastery comes through practice, repetition, and the utilization of the growth mindset. The Soccer Studio has the innate and unique ability to break down the technical skills of the game to help any player improve their control of the ball. The training will focus on the fundamentals of the game: dribbling, passing, first touch, shooting, 1 v1 attacking and defending, and the ability to make good decisions under pressure. Players with confidence will have the greatest impact on the field, within their teams, and outside of the game.


No matter your age or skill, there is a way to reach your goal of increasing your understanding of the game and of yourself. Joanna emphasizes the quest of mastery and finding fulfillment in that pursuit so the benefits of training continue long after the ball stops rolling.


Team training focuses on confidence, chemistry, and coolness. Better understanding of your teammates and yourself leads to better performance on the pitch. On-field training is tailored to your team’s needs, but yields the same principal result: a more cohesive unit.


Anywhere from 2 to 10 players can come together to develop fundamental skills, advanced techniques, or explosive performance. Our overarching goal is developing personal expression within a competitive group setting.

Mental Performance Training

“Like the muscles of the body responding to regular weight training, particular regions of the brain adapt as they are used and atrophy as they are abandoned.” - James Clear, Atomic Habits
The brain is a human's most important and powerful tool. An athlete is only able to reach their potential if they understand the fundamentals of thinking and how they can use their mind to optimize performance. The training will focus on: neutral thinking, goal setting, behaviors and habits, value systems, and adversity tolerance. This service is offered in an individual, team or group setting.
The Soccer Studio will help each player create an individual development plan, set SMART goals, analyze game film, and tap into the aspects of the brain that give the ultimate edge.


“Joanna is so much more than a soccer trainer. While there is no question that she has improved my son’s (17) and daughter’s (14) technical skills, more importantly, she has truly connected with each of them. They really see her as a mentor of life, not just soccer. She has helped each of them with their confidence on and off the field. Joanna truly cares about these young people, something often missing in club soccer programs. When I asked my daughter what she would write, without hesitating, she said, “Joanna makes soccer fun.”
- Tori Wales
“Joanna has been coaching Caroline on specific technical skills and we see a real difference in Caroline’s sense of confidence on and off the field. Joanna engages with our daughter throughout the session, from lighthearted humor to thoughtful questions and motivating insights. Joanna has worked to get to know her as a person and a player. We believe this will continue to make a difference, mentally, tactically and physically.“
- Alissa Peltzman & Seth Belford
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Who Needs The Soccer Studio?

Any player looking to….

  • Improve their technical skill
  • Gain a physical and mental edge
  • Boost their confidence
  • Re-find their love of the game
  • Embrace the growth mindset
  • Overcome adversity and build resilience
  • Discover your authenticity
  • Take control of your game, mind, and future
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