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Joanna is an experienced and frequently requested professional speaker. Joanna's been rocking stages and fields across the globe for two decades! Despite her rock star status, Jo keeps a humble and accessible presence with her fans helping individuals and groups define their beauty by living an unabashedly authentic life based in deep-rooted acceptance and discovering comfort in their own skin. 
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"Joanna is a force of nature. A thunder clap of inspiration! From the moment I met her I was struck by her ability to help people feel safe in their own skin, to feel proud to be who they are. She has been a positive and inspiring force in my life and now she can be one in yours too." 
- Simon Sinek
New York Times Best Selling author of Start With Why

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Signature Lectures

Define Your Beauty

A journey into your heart and soul to discover the qualities that truly make you unique. Through real life stories of vulnerability and adversity, you learn to love what you contribute to the world. You will also begin to harness the power of your individuality and gain confidence to share your beauty in all aspects of your life, in turn, inspiring others to do the same. This creates a community of belonging where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Thriving Through Change

Growth opportunities inevitably accompany sudden or drastic change. Periods of struggle or perceived failure lead to defining moments where resiliency, compassion, and courage are built. As a company, learning how to embrace the uncertainty of change will create a sense of unity, allow individuals to thrive through the process. and maximize production.

Other Popular Topics

Breaking The Binary

Great teams and great results are a product of a group of unified individuals from various backgrounds. When differences are celebrated and not used as a source of division, organizations will benefit with better work environments and, in turn, better bottom lines.

International Diplomacy

Sport is a powerful vehicle for social change. A seminar and discussion focusing on the implementation, best practices and impact of a variety of global programs.





Although Joanna has spoken on a wide variety of topics, the common goal almost every time is finding identity, a comfort in self-understanding that allows each of us to exceed what we believe is our potential. Whether an individual meeting or a packed auditorium; a radio segment or documentary – Joanna’s one desire is to help each person with whom she has contact find their inner beauty and understand the impact they can make.

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